Flippity Fuckity Doo

by Morlok VonGrimorog

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released December 23, 2015

All Instruments and Voices: Morlok VonGrimorog



all rights reserved


Morlok Von Grimorog Spokane, Washington

Supreme Dark Overlord of the Planet Groth, Morlok VonGrimorog creates Deliciously Dark Progressive Horror Metal.

Morlok's stratospheric vocals in the tradition of Metal Legends such as Rob Halford and King Diamond have peeled the paint off many an innocent wall and his complex compositions frighten most children and animals.
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Track Name: Predator Or Prey
Awake O sleeping one hear my voice, listen to the wind blow Bones of the vanquished crunch beneath our feet as we step into the unknown Become the leader or be led, reject the bullshit you've been fed Just as the Lion eats the lamb, the strong are blessed, the weak are damned, and Mother Nature knows no other way, Tyrants care not for your rights, get off your ass and start a fight, you choose the role to play...Predator or Prey Illusion shattered, nothing matters save the sweet taste of revenge We ride the demon winds of rage, bloody battle to the end! Shed the weakness and be strong, to win is right - to lose is wrong, the clock has struck, it won't be long Just as the Lion eats the lamb, the strong are blessed, the weak are damned, and Mother Nature knows no other way, Tyrants care not for your rights, get off your ass and start a fight, you choose the role to play...Predator or Prey Wars are not won by rules of fair play, but destroying the assholes who stand in our way When life cooks you a shit souffle You pick yourself up and say.... Na, na na na na....fuck fuck fuck fuckaroo, Na, na na na na....flippety fuckity doo! Rise from the mire of disgrace, wipe the mud off your face, take up your sword and earn your place... Just as the Lion eats the lamb, the strong are blessed, the weak are damned, and Mother Nature knows no other way, Tyrants care not for your rights, get off your ass and start a fight, you choose the role to play...Predator or Prey
Track Name: Voices In The Dark
Voices in the dark are calling
The walls within your mind are falling
The privileged holy precepts are lies
And the guilt from so - called sin
cannot tame the beast within

Open wide the gates of hell
Destroy the sacred lies they tell

Behold the key to unlock the door
We won't be their victims anymore
Armed with the power to unleash the inner demon
We'll fight our way out of this cursed land

In the ancient garden, a serpent in a tree
with timeless wisdom teaches her
Now her eyes are open
She sees beyond the hoax that enslaved the world for centuries

Rise up from the flames and go to war with me
Let's bring their darkest fears to life

Dark truth defeats all of the lies that were meant to control us
Drive deep the thorns into the flesh of a fictional god

Cathedrals crumble in defeat
Women writhing in the streets
Lift their skirts and pull their hair
Copulation everywhere
Unleash the demon deep within
Let the Devil's reign begin!
Track Name: Dracula's Bride
Undead, Dracula rises from his grave
Human blood is what he craves
Long now has his power grown
He comes to claim a victim for his own

He comes from the Land Beyond the Forest

(Back-masked secret message)

His cold black heart still bleeds from the pain
True love once lost must be regained

He sees her face from afar
her beauty so sublime
He takes a solemn vow in his dark soul
to have her for all time

Each night she closes her eyes
to find that she's been carried far beyond the black horizon
The night wind tickles her face
Enamored with this regal demon who's taken her

Galloping through the plains, over rolling hills
and toward the shadow mountain
Dark pleasure beckons her as she silently lets go
of the mediocre mess of mortal life

Disappointing drudgery
was not what she had hoped her life would be

She reigns with Dracula
over the children of the night
Their kingdom shall rise
to rule over all human kind
Track Name: O Demons Of Darkness
Come forth O Demons of Darkness, muster the armies of hell

It's time to break these bonds and crush the rusty church bells

When will we rise? How long can we take this oppression?

We see through their lies, Brick by brick, we'll burn their castles....

Down with their deception, down with their hypocrisy

We laugh at their slanted half truths, twisted view of morality

When will we rise? How long can we take this oppression?

We see through their lies, Brick by brick, we'll burn their castles down

The Sheep are gathered weekly to reinforce their fears

The seeds of guilt are planted and watered with their tears

The fires of hell burn before them to keep them all in line

What sins of mortal man could merit torment 'til the end of time?

Truthlessly, tipsy tyrants shall tiptoe through tulips

As tactful tacticians tell their titillating tales

Tyrants toke tobacco on the tailgates of travesty, taking time to take tolls from the tired

Titans tackle the tiny and tasteless taglines toxify the tranquility of the timid

Taxes are taken from temporal temples as tenacious temptation transpires

Tenderfoot travelers treat tenants to tenderly....temporarily

We soar on demons' wings into the storm

and come to set the captives free

From Dragon's flame fearless souls are born

Meek hearts once blinded now can see

The people rise to their feet, a long awaited battle draw near

Their hearts are filled with hope, and the minds of the rulers are filled with fear....
Track Name: Disfigured Little Face
Praedulcis lambendo labia sua libine ut eam vim et daemonium delectatur enim penetrat Watch where you step you fool, you think you know where you are going I laugh sardonically as your flesh is ripped away Black tears and severed tongue, you have no more to say Your Insolence has sealed your futile fate No hope for you, it's much to fucking late Your lover came to me the other night And begged to be part of my harem Her hips convulsed with frantic terror and delight She has forgotten what your name is Plunging deep I hear her screaming, crying out my name! Heed my warning if you think you've got something to say Your words and deeds may cost you more than you have to pay So shut your mouth you motherfucker If you do not wish to pay the price Go ahead and pray to your imaginary christ! Come forth, O Coward. Show your disfigured little face I'll still be laughing when you're gone without a trace Take back your words or I will make you eat them I'll shove them down your bloody hole Your desperate screams will echo through the forest As I devour your worthless soul! Shut your Hole!
Track Name: Melekron
Jimi James was an outcast. He had few friends. He spent his time seeking treasures in the ground. Jimi longed to be accepted and loved by beautiful girls, but the assholes on the football team banned him from that world. Then one sunny afternoon as Jimi dug for fossils, he came upon a glowing purple stone. It seemed to call his name. Suddenly the stone cracked open. Violet light burst forth. He would never be the same. Over the next few weeks Jimi went through changes. He felt a strange new strength in his limbs. And as the stone lay in his lab for observation, a mighty presence grew within him. With new found skills and powers, sharp teeth and horns appear. Muscles ripple under his raiment, the enemy quakes with fear. Strange people were seen in the town, searching for the keeper of the stone. Prophecy states, when the stone is found a warrior king shall arise to his throne. The three from Melekron came in disguise, playing metal in a touring band. They knew they had to find this warrior king, the king who would bring freedom to their land. Melissa was Jimi's best friend. She'd been there from his youth. That night was the night she would tell him. Jimi would know the truth. Jimi didn't notice how she loved him or the beauty that she'd hidden all these years. All Jimi knew was that she was always there...through times of laughter, through times of tears. Jimi took her to the dance that night. His eyes were opened, and Jimi fell in love. He knew that she was so much more than just a friend. He knew she had to be with him forever. She must be his bride. The football team stared at him with fury, for recently he'd made them into fools. They planned to get revenge upon him. The spirit of their plot was cold and cruel. They humiliated him and stuffed Melissa into the trunk of their car. Jimi shook with anger as he sat in disbelief... "Those motherfuckers won't get far! Suddenly Jimi's muscles tore his clothes as giant bat wings sprouted out his back. A wicked pair of horns now crowned his mighty head and his piercing roar made the pillars crack! Flying through the air, Jimi spots the car. He hovers down and rips the trunk right off, then takes Melissa into his arms. Melissa looked into his eyes as they soared above the clouds. She knew that it, it was her Jimi who had come to rescue her. He flew her to the penthouse suite of a luxurious hotel. With his mighty grip, he tore the doors apart and laid her there on the bed. But alas, he had other business to attend to! The three from Melekron joined him in the air as Jimi soared, hunting his prey. Have you ever heard the sound of helpless terror? Well that's the sound the football players made. Thier bullets didn't stop the flying beasts from taking them and dropping them into a leech-filled lake....big mistake! Jimi returned to Melissa's room, where she was waiting for him by the fire. Nothing stood in between them at the time, svae passion and burning desire... At dawn they met with the three from Melekron, who told them Jimi was their King. They told the two of the prophecy and the freedom and the peace that he would bring. And so they agreed to go with them to their destiny in the sky. And as their spacecraft flew out of sight, they bid their earthly home goodbye.