Friends and Relatives

by Morlok Von Grimorog

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Friends and Relatives is a definitive Horror Metal masterpiece written in honor of some of the greatest monsters the earth has ever known. It has been eloquently stated that Heavy Metal and Horror complement one another like Peanut Butter and Chocolate and this album is solid proof of the veracity of that axiom. Whether you are a dark minded metal aficionado or a casual listener looking for some great Halloween music, this album will leave you titillated and noticeably disturbed.


released October 1, 2016

All music composed, performed, recorded, and mixed by Morlok VonGrimorog



all rights reserved


Morlok Von Grimorog Spokane, Washington

Supreme Dark Overlord of the Planet Groth, Morlok VonGrimorog creates Deliciously Dark Progressive Horror Metal.

Morlok's stratospheric vocals in the tradition of Metal Legends such as Rob Halford and King Diamond have peeled the paint off many an innocent wall and his complex compositions frighten most children and animals.
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Track Name: Vlad
As a young boy he was taken far from home
Trained with severity to serve a sultan's throne
With deeds of cruelty he earned an evil fame
Vlad the Impaler was his name

When Vlad retired from war he ruled in his own land
To keep the peace he served the sultan's iron hand
One fateful day the price of peace had grown too high
The sultan's armies had to die

A demon told him that his father was the Devil
Who had full control of all the powers of the night
Renouncing faith, he unleashed his inner demon
The sultan's armies were annihilated by the Dragon's evil might

Son of the Devil, the Dragon feeds on blood
Son of the Devil, the Vampire feeds on blood

The legends speak of secret societies
Who rule the earth with an all seeing eye
Vlad Dracul selects his victims carefully
When you outlive your usefulness, your day is drawing nigh

Son of the Devil, the Dragon feeds on blood
Son of the Devil, the Vampire feeds on blood
Track Name: Skorzeny

The one eyed sailor has come to your land
The thrill of the hunt with blood on his hands
He runs through the streets in sinister form
From the mouth of the sailor a werewolf is born!

When you hear that howling know that evil isn't far away
You can hear them screaming when Skorzeny ventures out to play

Refined and distilled from bloodlines of old
His malice like fire, his heart black and cold

Hundreds of years ago when he was still so young
Chased by a gang of thugs who were armed with knives and guns
Backed into a corner, he fought bravely, a blade pierced his eye
A transformation occurred and his adversaries died

For ages he roams, over forests and plains
He can never go back to his homeland again
Track Name: Bughuul
Come little children, take my hand and step into my kingdom
Fruitless lives, such a minor sacrifice
End their lives
Take my hand to paradise

Once you see my symbols, your eyes gaze upon my countenance
You have signed a binding covenant
I shall ever seek to consummate!

Fruitless lives , such a minor sacrifice
End their lives
Take my hand to paradise

You will not escape and no one ever will
I am Bughuul, and I will eat until I get my fill

Fruitless lives such a minor sacrifice
End their lives
Take my hand through paradise
Track Name: Buckets of Blood
Buckets of blood, buckets of blood
Everyone needs a bucket of blood
It makes you happy, it makes you sing
Buckets, buckets, buckets of blood!
Track Name: Tall Man
Through a hidden door in a crimson world
He found his strength in death
The Dead became his slaves
Little ones to do his bidding

Biding his time he waits, for the visitors will come
The funeral is about to begin!

Silver spheres with blades will chase them through the mausoleum
Fear will set their pace, coming face to face with the Tall Man

The game is finished, now you die
You think you go to heaven,
You come to us!

Jebediah Morningside opened up the gate
United with the force of death whose power sealed his fate
Digging up the bodies and shrinking them down
His empire expands as he moves from town to town

Let me release you from this imperfect flesh
Which binds you to this time and space
All the unknowns shall be known once more
Rise up and take your place
Track Name: Hell Priest
I am your captain follow me to the gates of Hell
Battle beckons at the River Somme where corpses swell

River of blood flow over me
Show me the beauty of Death
Fallen Angels teach me your secrets
Show me forbidden ways

All that I asked for was given to me
In a gold plated puzzle box, lovely to see
I fondled each feature, it began to transform
When secret portals to the darkness were born

(The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends
There is a secret song at the center of the world
and its sound is like razors through flesh!)

Oh, what pleasure, delicious pain!
To the brink and far beyond
As I felt the nails sink deep into my skull
Memories of former days were gone

I rose to a new position, the High Priest of Hell!

A foul cry molests the air as the demon roams the earth
The puzzle box a seductive snare for the man who seeks his worth
The Lamentation Configuration sends its message to all
A young rogue by the name of Frank received its lovely call

"We bid you welcome! Come know the joys of Hell!"

(Pater noster, qui es in Inferis ritibus nomen tuum
Et priapo est, de scorto sugit nectar
Ex tumore pulsans malleus hominem
Virgo in utero ejus nubilem ac discerptum,
Dolens prava in ecstasim!)

Larry loves Julia but Julia loves Frank
She longs to feel his manly touch
The blood of victims brings him back to her

Lovely and young, fresh as the dawn
Kirsty arrives to comfort her father

She never trusted Julia
Cold and distant, Julia
Not like her mother, Julia
Hurting her father, Julia
Loving another, Julia
Daddy's own brother, Julia
Where are you going?
Julia, what are you doing?

Kirsty opened the puzzle box
Cenobites arrived
They long to show her the joys of Hell
She wants to stay alive

Come Mr. Hell Priest, have I got a deal for you
Someone escaped your torment
A degenerate deviant, I can lead you straight to him
So take him back to Hell!
Track Name: Fuccubus
Succubi, Succubi

Sugit est succubus ad pulsam phallus
Track Name: Organic Free Range Vegans
From the ancient days of earth, we Grothians were around
There were lots of plants and critters but no good food could be found
So we took earth's brightest DNA and combined it with our own
And that's how tasty humans were grown

Through the pages of your history books we've worked behind the scenes
We made sauces from your fat ones to add more flavor to the lean
But in the quest for flavor, one truth has passed the test
Organic Free Range Vegans taste the best!

Once we had our recipe, our agents went to work
We put vegan shows on Netflix, made the ranchers look like jerks
Then we softened up our specimens with mellow indie tunes
And now we cut their tender meat with spoons!

The taste of these fine morsels is orgasmic I confess
Organic Free Range Vegans taste the best!

We did not want them sinewy from working for their keep
We did not make them warriors since the recipe calls for sheep
We taught them war was evil, and all you need is love
And now they are as harmless as doves!

So if you ever get real hungry and beef wont do the trick
Just head on down to HipsterCon with a machete, and be quick!
If they sense your intentions there's bound to be a mess
Organic Free Range Vegans Taste the best

Slightly better than the rest, admittedly I do confess...