Lampshades and Soap

by Morlok Von Grimorog

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Wake up O sleeping ones, a war comes to your land,

Your leadership imprisons you, your laws have bound your hands,

The winds of war are raging, there’s traitors in your ranks,

The Hebrews write your headlines, make your movies, own your banks!

Writhing teeming hordes, inferior and base,

They’ve come to rape your women, shame your culture, kill your race,

Politics are futile, your rulers have been bought,

The time is near at hand when you’ll be punished for your thoughts!


Rise up, march out to war and fight!

Slay your foes with hatred, rage, and might!

Become their worst nightmare, let them hang on their own ropes…

Turn them into Lampshades and Soap!

Verse 2

Conditioned from your birth, and told what to believe,

Jewish morals shovelled down your throat without reprieve

Your native lore replaced, shepherds turn you into sheep,

The flock will turn its back on those who will not stay asleep,

Stifling your resolve til you’re obedient and meek,

They turn warriors into cowards who must turn the other cheek,

Hornswoggled and outnumbered by mediocre crowds,

who think what they are told to think and do what they’re allowed!

(Chorus 2)


Kikey the Kike: "Oy Vey! My shekels!...Got alot of Chutzpah. There's No Business like Shoah Business! Six Million...Six Million...SIX MILLION!"

guitar solo

contrapuntal breakdown

Verse 3

Invaders may outnumber you 26 to 1,

and the law will try in vain to seize your ammo and your guns,

Do not grant them victory, or let them have their way,

Kill every single one of them, make those fuckers pay!

Mother nature smiles upon the brutal and the brave,

Tis more glorious to fight and die than live on as a slave,

The Pillars start to crumble, the system has to fall!

The Parasitic Jew must be cast out from Odin’s Hall.


released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Morlok Von Grimorog Spokane, Washington

Supreme Dark Overlord of the Planet Groth, Morlok VonGrimorog creates Deliciously Dark Progressive Horror Metal.

Morlok's stratospheric vocals in the tradition of Metal Legends such as Rob Halford and King Diamond have peeled the paint off many an innocent wall and his complex compositions frighten most children and animals.
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